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Rachel Glowacki is an author, mindful movement educator, creative writer, and Co-founder of Move With Me Books, an innovative new literacy program. She is celebrated as the award-winning author of the Kids Yogaverse storybook app and a sought-after thought leader in children’s yoga. Rachel specializes in mindful movement for all ages and abilities, using a research-backed approach that teaches that a calm brain is a learning brain, and a healthy body is a happy body. When she is not teaching, Rachel works on her next book while living with her husband and two sons in Eagle, CO.

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“If you want to find your life’s purpose, then find what breaks your heart and run towards it."

-Glennon Doyle

Why Yoga?

I started my fitness journey in 1999 teaching group fitness classes, beginning with step/floor aerobics and Body Pump, until I discovered the gift of yoga. I had struggled with an eating disorder and was searching for a way to heal.  Though I had tried many things, when I stepped on my mat, I felt like I was born again into a new body, a clear mind, a calm heart, and a connection to not only myself but also with God. The yoga mat became a cathedral, mountain pose became the steeple, camel pose became the pew, and child’s pose became my body prayer. I spent years studying and crafting a yoga practice that would service little children like myself who needed healing too. Yoga and mindfulness principles have become my vehicle for sharing this message with children across various stages of life and abilities. 



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This was my first day of kindergarten.

My parents were splitting up, and my house was in absolute chaos. I was the good girl who kept quiet because Grandpa said, "Children should be seen and not heard." This smiling girl did not know that it would be a struggle on the first day of school and that she would be placed in remedial reading. She was labeled as the stupid kid, not by teachers but by peers, and mostly by herself. This breaks my heart. But, my childhood experiences gave me the compassion to teach kids and a desire to help them see themselves as uniquely gifted and created purposefully. When my memory returns to this little girl, I reflect. I did not know then that this little sweet girl who believed she was less than would 36 years later be an award-winning author and sought-after yoga teacher for children and adults.


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