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Mountain Youth

Difference Maker: Rachel Glowacki

As a Mindful Movement Educator, Rachel's primary mission is to help people feel loved, valued, and cared for.


Rachel Glowacki is a true difference maker throughout Eagle County, and her passion for connecting youth and parents to healthy living positively impacts people of all ages. Rachel was born and raised in White Plains, New York, in a family with a lot of adversity. Eager to move away from her childhood, she began working with youth as a nanny and a college student at Charleston Southern University. She didn't have a typical college experience, as she was responsible for balancing her work as a nanny and school. Her studies began with youth ministry and later shifted to liberal arts. After college, her love for working with children led her to teach 5th grade in Honduras...


Lowcountry Parent

Healthy Balance: Tips from families who stay fit together

The Glowackis of Mount Pleasant stay fit through yoga practice and outdoor activities such as biking, skateboarding and surfing. To help us illustrate our cover story, Rachel and Casey Glowacki and their two sons - Liam, 8, and Grey, 7 - demonstrated a few yoga poses during a cover shoot in Mount Pleasant with Bump Meet Baby Photography...


Elephant Journal

The Rise of Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools

Karma Carpenter Shea, IASYM Founder, joins us to discuss the rising trend of bringing yoga and mindfulness into schools. The goal of IASYM is to promote pediatric health through sustainable yoga, mindfulness and contemplative ed programs for students and staff. She’ll share why mind-body tools are becoming so popular. As well, we’ll delve into some of the science behind the hoopla.

Special guests include Debbie Cohen (Boston Public Schools yoga/mindfulness program) , Ryan McGraw (yoga for Cerebral Palsy), Dee Marie (Calming Kids Yoga: anti-bullying) and Rachel Glowacki (award winning kids yoga apps)...

post and courier.png

Post and Courier

Yoga in classrooms Instructors bring ever-popular practice into local schools, minus the religion

Rachel Glowacki wears black yoga pants and a peaceful smile, poised to show 50 adults some basic yoga breaths and stretches. But before they start, she issues a note of caution.

“Nothing incorporates a religion,” says Glowacki, teacher and partner at Kids Yoga Journey.

Her partner in training, Jennifer Marvel, quickly agrees.

“Some people think yoga is a religion,” Marvel adds. “But you can also call it movement, exercise, breathing.”

Why so much forewarning? ...


CBS DreamTeam

Hidden Camera Episode

Silently acted, interviewed and worked with Lily on the kid yoga episode for Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes, a hidden camera television show developed for teens in which each episode reveals the widespread goodwill in our world by secretly capturing heroes in action as they demonstrate acts of kindness, compassion and commitment to others.

Click link below to watch a hidden camera episode that'll make you giggle and warm your heart.

by me


101 Words


Power Plug

“Turn off the dryer!” Mom yells.

Anxious because of her, my face contorts as I unplug the toaster.

Pitter-patter down the hallway, then I pull the cord. Hard.

ZZZZZ! Fuzzy black dots float behind my eyelids as I...



On Bravoure : A Story Shared on YOGA + Life’s “The Practice” 

I just pressed send, and my fingers were shaking,” Freya said to me during our virtual teen yoga course on “The Practice” for YOGA + Life. “Pressed sent to what?” I asked. Freya continued to share: “I applied to this summer program in France, and I have hardly even left my own house in two years. What was I thinking?”

What were they thinking? A teenager living in the COVID era in Massachusetts who had attended online school for almost two years decided to travel to France for a summer school program.



An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert : A Revolutionary Woman Is A Relaxed Woman

What I once thought was a severed friendship was restored with tears, hugs, acknowledgement and words of affection at Denver’s Paramount Theater on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, featuring The New York Times best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, best known for her memoir, Eat, Pray, Love.

It all started at the welcome reception hosted by the Lotus Network, an organization grounded in the belief that”It’s never too late to rediscover your potential by creating a safe place for women of all ages to learn, connect, grow and share.” ...



Harmonize Your Mind with PSYCH-K

You know that person who lights up a room with their eyes and presence because they are so full of life and it oozes out of their pores? Well, I have the pleasure of introducing you to my German spark plug friend, Elli Ritcher. She believes that sustainable healing and transformation are always possible. She has spent the last 24 years acquiring skills in holistic and integrative approaches that address change on a mental, emotional and physical level. Her work is steeped in both science and spirituality. I received her integrative approach through the modality of PSYCH-K. It has changed my life for the better, and it can change yours, too!

CO Yoga + Life


The Sacred. The Science. The Practice.

We come into this world on an inhale and depart on an exhale. How we live in between these two “life and death” breaths can be a lifelong quest. Sages, saints and seekers climbed to mountain tops to find the meaning of life; we can climb right into our own bodies and feel the breath of life within us. The breath in yogic philosophy is known as Life Force or Prana, in Judaism it is Ruach and in Christianity breath is the Holy Spirit. The breath in each of these sacred texts are synonyms with the word, Spirit. Spirit can mean different things to different people, with the main thread that there is something bigger than ourselves that whispers inside of us — that life has purpose and meaning. With so much loss this past year because of COVID-19, we are much more aware and in tune with the sacredness of life, ...

CO Yoga + Life


Seva Story : 4th Grader Joanna Gives Back To Eagle County

Meet Joanna, a 4th grader from Eagle County School District walking into the school cafeteria pre-COVID19; kids with lunch boxes, kids getting in line for lunch, no masks, no plexi glass dividing their seating, a typical school cafeteria where kids are finding their seats to eat lunch, side by side each other. Joanna noticed that there was a student at the lunch table who had neither, no school lunch and no lunch box from home.  She offered him some of her lunch.

Joanna noticed. 

Joanna remembered...

Christians Practicing Yoga


Holy Spirit Discernment Practice

Do you like chocolate? That’s a simple question with a simple answer. But, what happens when you need to get on your knees to make a difficult decision or any decision that causes you to feel disconnected in your mind and body? Where do you turn? Do you search and search for friends and family to tell you what you should do? Do you google obsessively to find the scripture or answer? Where do you go?

Follow your breath in and out, and if your breath is full and expansive, that is your body saying YES. If your breath is short and choppy, that is your body saying NO.

CO Yoga + Life


Step Inside Your Mind + Outside in Mother Nature : Learn About Colorado Through Mindful Movement

Wow, what a difficult spring 2020 has sprung upon us. We have had a lot of time to think in our homes and virtual worlds, and now, as we enter into the summer and fall seasons, I am asking myself these questions: How do we as parents/ teachers adapt in these new uncertain times and thrive where we live and learn about our beautiful environment?

I’m a mother to two middle school boys and am assisting their distance learning...



3 Ways To Keep Yoga PEA-CEY In Schools

In response to the recent lawsuit against Encinitas Union School District in California stating that yoga is religious and violates the First Amendment, I want to shed light on this debate with sensitivity and grace, clearly stating yoga in schools can be PEA-CEY!

In my experience, yoga stretches across faiths and beyond theoretical boundaries. I’m a partner for Kids’ Yoga Journey, which is a public-school friendly style of yoga that creates innovative ways to connect kids to movement, music and art through great stories and ground-breaking technology, as well as the Director of Kids’ Holy Yoga, which is an international ministry dedicated to using the time-honored practices of yoga, breathwork and meditation to share the gospel...



5 FREE Holiday Gifts to Share with Your Kids

When we hear the word "free," our body releases. No strings attached. We liberate our mind from the expectation of giving something back in return. We trust that a “free” gift is precious and priceless. In an economy where our funds are limited and our stress is elevated, consider being an unconditional giver of lifetime treasures in the economy of LOVE.

So what are 5 things you can give freely to your child this year?

1. BADGE of Courage: Encourage your child to stand strong in the midst of daily battles. Use any type of material -- felt, paper or cardboard and cut out a little badge to pin on a coat or backpack with the words “I AM BRAVE!”...

Elephant Journal


Keep Cool This Summer with Kids Yogaverse’s 4 Bs.

In yoga there is no competition. One of my favorite sayings is—Practice makes progress, not perfection.

Yoga encourages children to learn and listen to their bodies because it requires connecting the whole self or in child language. The 4 B’s: breath, brain, body and balance.

Through a yoga practice or play, children become more aware of the body and the way it feels. The body becomes stronger and more flexible in the process. The brain begins to focus on the body’s movements and how those movements make it feel. The breath becomes slow, calm and steady....

K-12 Yoga


Evolution of Acceptance in the World of Kids Yoga

Dear Kids Yoga Teacher,

Place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly and take three long slow deep breaths. Visualize yourself as an eagle soaring back in time to capture a bird’s eye view of the landscape of yoga then and to what is to come; notice that in 1976, only 5 million people practiced yoga compared with the 20 million people practicing today-quite a leap! ...

Kids YogaVerse


FREE Kids stories and yoga movements

I Am Love 

I Am Energy 

I Am Sun, I Am Moon

Beautiful, easy-to-use apps that introduce yoga to kids through rich storytelling, fun pose instruction, and simple relaxation techniques.

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