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All Through the Crown (to the tune of Wheels on the Bus)

Illustrated by Ryan Nelson 

Sung by Genie and Nigel from Sputnik the Band

Bilingual Version by Namaste and Play

link coming soon

In I AM LOVE: Kids’ Yoga Journey, step onto a magic mat and fly through the ancient land of Egypt. We are as strong as a mountain, as silly as a Laughing Dove and as playful as a dolphin. Dive deep into the Red Sea to discover indigenous curiosities, like a long-lost sphinx.


I AM SUN, I AM MOON includes 19 fully animated poses to awaken the mind, move the body and empower the spirit that children will love practicing for a lifetime of healthy, happy activity. When Ha, the strong Sun Warrior, disappears behind a mystical cloud in India, the cool Moon Princess, Tha, flows through the clues left by the animal sages to discover her friend’s bright light. Follow Ha and Tha as they unite through the ancient practice of Sun And Moon Yoga Salutations.


I AM ENERGY Jump and jive to the familiar childhood tune of WHEELS ON THE BUS and let the energy shine from the inside out. In this musical app, we stomp our feet to feel grounded, we sing out loud to find our voice, we feed our brain with good thoughts believing that WE ARE SMART and much more. From the soles of our feet to the crown of our head discover a new energy center by climbing up the rainbow! Perfect for ages 1-6 years old. Come and follow the wondrous rainbow of colors on each page to discover delightful touch points for little fingers to explore; from flying blue hummingbirds and falling musical oranges to shooting stars, hooting owls and magical words that grow like flowers. I AM ENERGY fuses hand painted animations with music and technology in a revolutionary new interactive genre for kids. Climb into this Kids Yoga Journey adventure to discover that YOU are the real treasure.

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