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Rachel Glowacki is an author, mindful movement educator, creative writer, and Co-founder of Move With Me Books. She is celebrated as the award-winning author of the Kids Yogaverse storybook apps and a sought-after thought leader in the field of children’s yoga. Rachel specializes in mindful movement for all ages and abilities, using a research-backed approach that teaches that a calm brain is a learning brain and a healthy body is a happy body. When she is not teaching, Rachel is working on her next book while living life with her husband and two sons in Eagle, CO.



Amelia, 10yrs old

she lets us use are imagination(like going to the beach 🏖 going on roller coasters 🎢 and more fun things)and makes yoga 🧘‍♀️ sooooo fun

"The opportunity to work with Rachel has changed my life for the better. Her ability to tap in to my mind and physical needs depending on the day sets her apart from any other yoga experience I've had.


I am lucky to have her lead me on this journey towards inner peace."

As a former P.E. teacher I can really appreciate Rachel's teaching skills as she presents her yoga practices to a group of seniors. She is constantly changing her presentations to meet our needs.  We really appreciate her deep concern and striving for excellence. 

Carly Finke, 28yrs old

Ruth, 77yrs old

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