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Y O G A + W R I T E R
I started my fitness journey back in 1999 (YES…you can hum to Prince) teaching group fitness classes beginning with step/floor aerobics (AFAA) then to Body Pump (Les Mills) and discovered along the way I would fall in love with yoga in the early 2000’s, although exposed to yoga in the 90’s as a way to heal from an eating disorder (I thought yoga was weird)!  But when I stepped on my mat, I felt like I was born again into a new body, a clear mind, a calm heart, a connection to not only myself, but also with God. The yoga mat became like a cathedral for my inner Catholic little girl, mountain pose became the steeple, camel became the pew, and child pose became my body prayer.


Amelia, 10yrs old

she lets us use are imagination(like going to the beach 🏖 going on roller coasters 🎢 and more fun things)and makes yoga 🧘‍♀️ sooooo fun

"The opportunity to work with Rachel has changed my life for the better. Her ability to tap in to my mind and physical needs depending on the day sets her apart from any other yoga experience I've had.


I am lucky to have her lead me on this journey towards inner peace."

As a former P.E. teacher I can really appreciate Rachel's teaching skills as she presents her yoga practices to a group of seniors. She is constantly changing her presentations to meet our needs.  We really appreciate her deep concern and striving for excellence. 

Carly Finke, 28yrs old

Ruth, 77yrs old


Join Rachel Glowacki for a 20 hour Continuing Education Kids Yoga Teacher Training & Get certified as a Next Generation Kids Yoga Teacher.


Friday January 27th 5-9PM

Saturday January 28th 11-7PM

Sunday Jan 19th 9-5PM


Next Generation Yoga sees kids as natural yogis. They are curious, like to move, and want to learn and grow. At NGY, we cultivate these innate characteristics … planting seeds that can develop throughout a lifetime and make meaningful differences for the next generation!
NGY believes that kids benefit from a balance of structure and play, guidance and freedom. The NGY method engages kids’ imaginations, bodies, minds, emotions, and senses in order to create experiences that bring joy, balance, strength, and calm.
It isn’t always easy to be a kid today. The modern world can expose children to stress at early ages and leave them searching for coping strategies. Yoga and mindfulness can help address the challenges kids face by equipping them with self-regulation skills and calming techniques while boosting their independence and self-awareness.
The NGY interdisciplinary approach integrates the fundamentals of child development, modern postural yoga shapes, breathing exercises, visualizations/mindfulness practices with music, art, books, educational learning points, and sensory elements sprinkled in to create a unique learning experience!


Help contribute to a happy and healthy next generation by providing yoga and mindfulness to our youth!


This self-paced online training was created with professional development in mind for elementary school teachers and education professionals who wish to further their mission to help students to feel seen, valued, and cared for – academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This course provides education about the most efficient and effective mindful techniques to experience for yourself and to deliver to your students with calm, confidence, and connection. We believe that a calm brain is a learning brain.


Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Basics

NGY has taken its popular 20-hour Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Basics training and made it available on-demand through the Thinkific platform.

NGY’s Basics on Thinkific is self-paced, on demand, Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher Training.


I Am Love 

I Am Energy 

I Am Sun, I Am Moon

Beautiful, easy-to-use apps that introduce yoga to kids through rich storytelling, fun pose instruction, and simple relaxation techniques.

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